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Who You Are is Enough

Our Story

Our Story

Women! We wear many hats. We are wives, mothers, aunts, sisters, friends, name it, we wear it! And in that process we sometime slip the real genius in us….that’s okay !

AGUA is a women’s network knit with friendship, sisterhood and vibe tribe. It is solely aimed at inspiring and supporting each other and maximizing our potential as leaders and agents of social change.

Our mantra is simple. We women already know what is best for us. But sometimes, we need someone to put our perspective in place, steer us back into our path. AGUA does just that. We will be right there, next to you, helping you; coaching you; motivating you; giving you a kick at the back if need be!!!… to “unlock your inner potential, help you find your spark and add sunshine to the world. We don’t make you rebel against conformity. We just create a platform to rise up and be yourself


You don’t reinvent yourselves through us.

We just help you to find Yourself


Simply put, bring out the Women of Action and Willpower in YOU


Building a VibeTribe

Since 2012

Behind every successful woman is a tribe. A tribe of other women who support, love and push her to be her absolute best but stick by her even when she’s at her absolute worst. A tribe of other women who could choose to compete, but take the higher, better road of collaboration instead. A tribe of other women who don’t just fix her crown, but also bend down to pick it up and dust it off when it’s fallen off. A tribe of other women who refuse to get jealous or compare or belittle or go low or gossip, or leave out, or be malicious.

A tribe of women who tell the truth. When it’s hard or easy or uncomfortable. A tribe of women who pick her up and put her back on her feet when she’s gone off-course. A tribe of women who have the courage to encourage her and the strength to strengthen her. A tribe of other women who have her in all her form.

A tribe which builds you up in big and small ways...

Keep Burning Your Light Bright. The World Needs Who and What You Are!


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New Indian Express

27th December 2019 

AGUA, a Chennai-based organisation provides you with the opportunity to gift underprivileged kids in Chennai anything from toys to books and truly embrace the spirit of giving 


The Hindu

24th February 2020

AGUA, A Chennai-based women’s collective which hosts events and gather regularly over events related to self-love, poetry and so on. Fierce, yet gentle. That’s AGUA, or water, in Spanish. 


Times of India

08th March 2020

Agents of Change - This International Women’s Day, meet the city women who are changing the face of their neighbor hoods - AGUA "Tapping the Potential"

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